References and Links

Documents (PDF files - the official reader available here but I really really like this one) that you need to download and print out. Electricity and Internet will not always be available

Print these out, fill them out and talk to your roomates/friends/family.

FEMA Emergency Planning Guide - 24 pages of great preparedness information

READY.GOV Family Emergency Plan - two page list of contact information and personal cards for each family member to carry

A lot more to come in the next few days...

Links to other online resources

Here are a few websites that we find useful. Clicking on these links will open them in a new window - there are many more on our "Other References and Links" page:

Kendal Watch
Local Weather
Radio Station KGMI - local news

County and State:
PSE - power outage map
WA State drinking water alerts
PNW Seismic Network
Stream Flow Data (Flood Watch)

American Red Cross
Dept. of Homeland Security